Make a Mosaic Walkway

August 11, 2015

How to make pebble Mosaic walkway

Pebble mosaic is an art highly popular in Spain and Portugal. The Plaza de Espana in Sevilla is carpeted in acres of river pebbles set in waves and the sidewalks of Lison swirl with exquisite black and white patterns. Creating a pebble mosaic pathway is an outdoor project that is off the beaten path. It will give your yard, your garden or your walkway a unique, distinctive and unexpected focal point. The amount of materials needed would depend on the size of the area. It is suggested that you practice with a smaller area before working on the huge one. Also create a project timeline to guide you through something like:

Friday: Sort out the stones, Saturday: Lay the base, set the stones, and let the concrete begin to cure and Sunday: Grout the stones into place. The materials are pretty basic flat pebbles or cobbles from a stone yard (or ordered online); concrete mix, gravel, and stone dust for the base. Below are the steps for making your pebble mosaic walkway.


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  1. Spread out the stones near your project area. Rinse off dirt and grit, then sort stones of similar color and size into piles or buckets.
  2. Layout the mosaic – spread the sand to a depth of 3 inches in a sandbox made from scrap plywood or on a plastic tarp or sheeting. Do not vary the direction of the stones so they won’t shift. Lay them upright in a shape and design you like, they will be held together by the sand.
  3. Next step is prepping the site, the mosaic should sit higher than the surrounding ground so it won’t collect water. Dig out an area at least 1 foot larger than your mosaic on all sides to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Tamp 6 inches of paver base and a 1-inch layer of stone dust into the excavated area. Pour dry concrete mix into the center of the installation spot, and use a 2×4 to screed the mix to an even 2-inch layer that extends 2 inches beyond the mosaic’s footprint on all sides.


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  1. Dampen the concrete mix using garden sprayer or a hose with a fine-mist.


  1. Mark the mosaic’s shape, you can use a large nail to make the ends.


  1. Place the Center Stone – bury the bottom third of the stones in the concrete mix to make the mosaic sturdy. Starting in the center, use a garden spade to dig a shallow hole in the damp concrete mix. Place the first stone on edge in the hole and pack concrete around it, holding it upright with your fingers.


  1. Lay stones alongside the center stone.


  1. Fill in the pattern.


  1. When the mosaic is complete, lay edging or a field of pavers, bricks, or bluestones around it to hold the pattern together. Fill any large gaps in the mosaic with a bit of extra concrete mix, then mist the mosaic to fully saturate the concrete beneath the stones, and cover it with a plastic tarp. Let cure overnight.


  1. Spread the topping mix – the more topping mix you add, the harder the mosaic will set. In high-traffic areas, fill the joints until the mix sits close to or flush with the tops of the stones.


  1. Lightly mist the topping mix until it’s fully saturated. Allow the mix to absorb the water, then let it cure for 30 to 60 minutes. Use a stiff-bristled brush to dress and shape the joints to your liking.
  2. Cover the mosaic with the plastic tarp to hold in moisture while it cures.



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