Kazanlik Rose

September 6, 2014

Kazanlik is perhaps the most sought after of Damask roses, also known as Trigintipetala. It was introduced in Germany by Dr. Georg Dieck in 1889 as ‘Rosa damascena var. trigintipetala’ and is now grown in great quantity in Bulgaria, known for rose exportation afar.



The flowers are deep pink, with thirty petals arranged in a somewhat shaggy halo around golden stamens. The dark green shrub is vigorous and not as open as in some varieties of Damasks. It has light green foliage armed with thorns, with strong fragrance and is an occasional repeat bloomer later in the season.



This rose blooms on old wood and to encourage repeat bloom, prune after flowering.



Content Sources: Antique Rose Emporium and Help Me Find.


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