General Schablikine Rose

August 30, 2014

General Schablikine was bred in by Gilbert Nabannond in France and named for a Russian General living and/or holidaying on the French Rivera. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Vestey’s Pink Tea’. This lovely old Tea Rose makes an upright bushy shrub that is seldom out of bloom. The blooms are very double, cherry to coppery-red that open from rather long buds to nearly flats.


The growth habit of General Schablikine is bushy and upright, growing to 5′ or 6′ in height. General Schablikine is unusually well-foliated with medium green and smooth leaves. It is seldom out of bloom during the growing season and has a good tea fragrance. General Schablikine is a very useful rose, with very double flowers that open flat. General Schablikine is a very hardy and disease free rose, it is easily propagated by cuttings and requires sunny locations to thrive. It is suitable for growing in pots and in greenhouses.


A quote from Henry Charles Brougham about General Schablikine and the qualities of this beautiful Tea Rose, “If a law was passed that one man should cultivate but one variety of rose, I should without hesitation choose General Schablikine ; for general utility it is without rival, flowering continuously from October to Summer, flowers of fine shape and wonderful evenness, a hundred blooms could be gathered off one plant, and everyone exactly resembling its neighbor; the flower-stalk was a peculiar curve, which identifies it from other sorts. But little is known in England, which is surprising, as its good constitution and hardiness would almost guarantee success in a colder and gloomier climate. This of all roses serves us the most faithfully and generously.”


Content Sources: Antique Rose Emporium, Rose Petal Nursery and Peaceful Habitations Rose Gardens.


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