Mountain Bluebirds

November 3, 2016

The mountain bluebird (Sialia currucoides) is a medium-sized bird weighing about 1.1 oz with a length from 6–8 in. They have light underbellies and black eyes. Adult males have thin bills and are bright turquoise-blue and somewhat lighter underneath. Adult females have duller blue wings and tail, grey breast, grey crown, throat and back. In fresh fall plumage, the female’s throat and breast are tinged with red-orange, brownish near the flank contrasting with white tail underparts.

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MALE &FEMALE Mountain Bluebirds:

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The mountain bluebird is just as “western” as the Western Bluebird, but the two species occupy different habitats in summer. The Western is more of a forest bird, the Mountain more partial to open habitats: high sagebrush desert, mountain meadows, and even alpine tundra.

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