Add Glass Marbles to Fence!

June 29, 2016

This is a creative way to add a splash of color to your old or new fence and it’s really pretty easy.  Follow these steps below and you will have a be-jeweled fence.

Step 1 –  Find some marbles and some comparably sized drill bits.

Step 2 –  Get a piece of “test wood” to drill into so you can determine the correct size drill bit for your marbles.  (A snug fit is better for no adhesive, if you choose to use an adhesive, use one that dries clear.  I always have a 2 part – epoxy on hand at my house =).

Step 3 –  Choose your marble pattern and start drilling & inserting marbles!

Image Source:

Image Source:

Broken China Jewelry Fire King Pale Green Jadeite Sterling Tall Oval Pendant

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“Exquisite in person; photos don’t do it justice! This will make an excellent gift. Thank you for the prompt delivery, as well!”   ~ CraftEnvy76

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