Julia Child Rose

September 12, 2015

The Julia Child rose was bred by the American Tom Carruth in 2004 and is known in the UK as the Absolutely Fabulous rose. It is a golden butter/gold floribunda rose, named after the chef Julia Child. It was introduced into the United States by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, Inc. in 2006. This rose has buttery bold blooms and much like Julia Child’s cooking, this rose has a fragrance that delights the senses with its mild licorice scent. This is an excellent flower with buttery golden  yellow 4″ blooms (petals 20+) that is continually blooming.


The bush grows in height of 26″ to 31″ (65 to 80 cm), with a spread of 20″ to 26″ (50 to 65 cm). It could grow larger in warmer climates. Usually climates with warmer temperatures offer the roses a longer season, thus allowing them to get much larger than they would in a shorter season. The bright green foliage make a nice backdrop for the buttery yellow flowers. It is used in borders, garden beds, containers, and as a cut flower. It is a popular landscaping plant, because of its bright yellow color, disease resistance, and constant bloom.


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