Summer Nights Hybrid Tea Rose

August 16, 2015

Summer Nights Hybrid Tea Rose was bred by Verlie W. Wells in the United States in 2005. This Tea Rose have delicate yellow petals with a soft, rosy pink hue that deepens as it moves to the outer edges. The flowers unfurl in spirals to a stunning 5 inches across, set off dramatically by rich, dark green leaves.  Reaching to 5 feet high and as wide as 4 feet, the hybrid is great in the garden and ideal for patio containers.  It is highly versatile and is great in beds and borders as well.

For pruning it should be to  half its height or 18 inches off the ground and the removal of old canes and dead wood in the spring will help the hybrid thrive. Sever canes that cross.

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The remaining canes should be cut one-third — more trimming is needed in colder climates. With the proper minimal care, ‘Summer Nights’ will be a year-round showpiece.

Anyone will easily fall in love with this gorgeous new hybrid tea, reveling in its lovely licorice fragrance and exquisitely formed blossoms, whose soothing colours evoke memories of sweetly remembered sunsets.


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