Daring Spirit Hybrid Tea Rose

July 19, 2015

Daring Spirit Hybrid Tea Rose is a beautiful new 2015 introduction from hybridizer Jackson & Perkins. It is very unique as now two blooms will ever be the same flaunting some of the most blooms you’ll ever see making it an absolute stand-out in any setting. This gorgeous hybrid tea sets 5-inch spice-scented blossoms comprised of 25 to 30 petals that display deep pink and cream stripes.

Image Source: http://www.allaboutrosegardening.com/Daring-Spirit-Rose.html

They all have different stripe patterns, some with wider or narrower pink or cream and different splashes of pink or cream.   The Daring Spirit Tea Rose  would reach a mature size of 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the plant itself is lovely even without its blooms. The healthy foliage starts out a gorgeous shade of burgundy before turning a semi-glossy dark green. This elegant rose has a moderate spicy fragrance and is hardy in zones 6-10b. This rose can be used as a garden rose, in a perennial bed mixed with other flowers or roses,  beds and borders, cut flower, garden, hedge or landscape.

Image Source: http://www.hgtvgardens.com/photo/daring-spirit-id-00000149-7b1a-d373-a169-ff3e92200000

This rose is available from the ff. online nurseries:

Jackson & Perkins – http://www.jacksonandperkins.com/daring-spirit-hybrid-tea/p/37295/

Houzz – http://www.houzz.com/photos/26154383/Daring-Spirit%E2%84%A2-Hybrid-Tea-traditional-outdoor-products-other-metro



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