Canterbury Bells

July 14, 2015

Campanula medium most commonly referred to Canterbury Bells as well as the bell flower is popular annual or biennial flowering plant originating from Southern Europe, naturalized in most of European countries and in North America and it is widely cultivated for its beautiful flowers. This plant reaches approximately 60-80 centimetres in height. On its first year it forms rosettes of leaves followed by stems and flowers in the second one. Canterbury Bells produce bell-shaped flower blooms up to 2 inches across in the summer of the second year after planting. It bears racemes of bell-like flowers including shades of pink, white, purple, lavender, blue, and violet.  The plant shape is pyramidal and leaves are long and narrow.

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This plant is good at the front of a border where it flowers from spring to summer before dying. Collect the seed to raise new plants, and then cut back the top growth to force up a second batch of leaves and flowers, although they won’t be as profuse as the first.  Canterbury bells are ideal for the informal, cottage garden look, where they can be intermixed with a variety of other plants. They’re also useful for planting at the center of island beds, where they’re viewed from all sides

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Growing Canterbury bells is easy and will reward you with elegant showy blooms. To have yearly blooms, it is important to continually plant these flowers each year. Canterbury bells need rich, moist, well-drained soil or full sun. It can tolerate partial shade but stems may grow weak under these conditions. You can plant them together in a group to support each other without staking. Canterbury bells are grown from seeds. Sow seeds 10 weeks prior to the last frost to grow for first year bloom. To have continuous blooms every year, allow some of the flower seed pods to mature, and the seed fall to the ground to re-seed the flower bed. For best flower production, fertilize every month or two during the growing season. Mulch around plants for a neat and tidy appearance, and to keep competing weeds down.

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