Cranbrook Bell (Darwinia meeboldii)

April 16, 2015

Darwinia meeboldii is one of the Western Australia’s endangered flowering plants. These plants are found only in the Stirling Range, despite being found in more places in Australia 100+ years ago. They grow in sandy areas and flower from October to December.

These bell flowers grow on a shrub to 3-10 feet in height.  The ‘Cranbrook Bell’ is not always happy in a general garden setting, but with a little care will last and bloom for years if potted in a good potting mix and fed with weak liquid fertilizer. Plants for sale to the general public were grafted on to the much hardier Darwinia citriodora rootstock. This tended to be a long and costly process, and the use of cuttings is now a more common method of propagation.

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