March 31, 2015

You won’t find any plants better adapted for growing in pots than succulents. Mostly native to arid regions, succulents store water in their fleshy leaves, stems, and roots, enabling them to resist drought. This means they don’t need to be fussed over with frequent watering, so you can go ahead and enjoy a week long summer vacation without giving them a second thought.

Succulents are the easiest to grow for they do not need to be fussed over with frequent watering, so you can go ahead and enjoy a weeklong vacation without giving them a second thought.  Succulents are like cacti, and the key to a happy succulent is giving it an environment like a desert—hot, sunny days, cool nights and very little water. They are easy to keep and make for a fun DIY project no matter what your skill level.

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For beginners these top 10 succulents are perfect for those who are just starting and getting into the bandwagon and they are: Agave, Aloe, the Baby Toes plant looks exactly like little plump feet, Crassula, that ubiquitous Jade Plant, Echeveria, Faucaria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Sanseveria and Sedum of all kinds.

To start your own succulent garden you will need small pebble rocks for drainage, potting soil mixture for cactus or succulents, sphagnum moss for filtration, activated charcoal for filtration, succulents of your choice (preferably from the list above), moss, gravel, rocks or marbles for decorating.

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Succulents can be planted in any container, you can use mason jars, glass terrarium or a tin can so take your pick. Once your container has been chosen first put in pebbles, charcoal, followed by the moss and the soil last. Plant you succulents and add a decorative flare. Essentially just have fun and experiment, check out ideas on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing.

Once your succulents are planted remember not to over water them and believe it or not the only thing that can harm them is too much water. Stick with watering them once per week until the soil is wet to touch but not soaked. Place them in areas where can they receive bright filtered light.

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