Claude Monet Rose

January 31, 2015

Claude Monet rose has soft pastel tones of pinks, yellows and cream which are casually splashed across each petal, just like one of Monet’s famous impressionist paintings. The blooms are large and double in shape, making Spring and Summer gardens come alive with color and form. This is a terrific rose that will blend beautifully with formal and informal mixed plantings. Flowers cut for vases in the home will add a wonderful French floral touch to any table setting. Claude Monet™ flowers repeatedly from late October to early May. We hope you enjoy this new ‘Painters’.

The Monet rose has a very light scent and at the end of the bloom life, the bloom scent resembles cinnamon.

Claude Monet Rose1
Monet’s painting “House among the Roses”, 1925

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“I have wanted this pendant for quite awhile, so glad I purchased. It is just lovely. ” ~ Rebecca R.

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