Grandma’s Yellow Rose

August 14, 2014

Nacogdoches also known as Grandma’s Yellow is a real eye catcher!  The bright yellow roses appear throughout the growing season on an upright shrub and are excellent for cutting.  This rose is a modern Floribunda, but unlike its modern rose cousins, it has proven to be disease resistant.



Nacogdoches Yellow Rose was discovered by that great Texas plantsman, Greg Grant. In Greg’s words Nacogdoches Yellow is the “Yellow Rose for Texas” and he’s right this is probably the best yellow shrub rose currently available. These large, double, bright yellow, lightly fragrant hybrid tea roses are born from spring to fall on this Texas tough and disease resistant old rose. Nacogdoches Rose is a spectacular landscape addition, due to the blooming period starting in late winter and continuing till the next freeze. Wild temperature fluctuations will cause it to stop blooming, but only for a short time.



According to Texas Cooperative Extension, “Nacogdoches” was found in Nacogdoches, Texas growing under an abandoned motel overhang. Six plants were grown in the garden of Tillie Jungman, near Castroville, Texas. Two of the plants were clearly superior to the other four, being more vigorous and disease-resistant. The roses was tested for disease resistance and suitability for growing in Texas and subsequently renamed “Grandma’s Yellow” in honor of Miss Tillie, who died in 2005.



Content Source: Antique Rose Emporium, Mortellaro’s Nursery, Almost Eden and Help Me Find.


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