Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly

August 6, 2014

The Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly (Cupido comyntas) also known as Everes comyntas is a common butterfly of eastern and Northern America. They are small adorable butterflies that are very lovely to watch visiting flowers or moist areas. They can be seen flying low to the ground or basking in the sun.



The males are cobalt blue while the females are more slate gray. They have a wingspan of 3/4 to 1 inch and both male and female have orange spots on the rear of their hind wings.



The Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly feed on various legumes and they secrete a substance favoured by some ant species. These ants then in turn protect the larva of the butterflies from other predators. Unlike other butterflies the females will lay her eggs on the host plants flower buds and the caterpillars will feed on them together with seeds and flowers.



These lovely butterflies are found in disturbed areas, fields, meadows and forest glades all throughout the eastern United States west to North Dakota, Colorado and Texas and in New Hampshire.


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