Madame Plantier Rose

August 1, 2014

Madame Plantier also known as the Bride’s Rose is an interesting cross between an Alba and a Noisette. It is the perfect subject for the white garden. The medium-sized flowers are in the form of beautiful white pompons. They are held in large clusters and produced in great profusion on long, graceful, almost thornless growth.



Each flower has many petals perfectly arranged around a small, green, central eye. There is a sweet and powerful fragrance which fills the air. Madame  Plantier has a graceful, sprawling, mounded habit, with pale green leaves. Grown as a climber, the billowing flowers make a wonderful sight and it is a very healthy, tough and reliable variety.  When grown next to a tree, or other support, this rose becomes a climber capable of going about 12 to 15 feet.



According to Charles Quest-Ritson, it “combines the profusion of the Noisettes with the hardiness and grace of the Albas”.  Madame Plantier is a treasure as it is disease resistant, shade tolerant, and requires almost no maintenance.



Content Sources: Antique Rose Emporium, David Austin Roses and Rogue Valley Roses.


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