Bristol Crown Ducal

July 27, 2014

Crown Ducal was founded by the A.G. Richardson & Co. Ltd of England in 1915. The company produced a wide variety of tableware over the years. Their famous artist Charlotte Rhead worked for the company and designed several of the company’s patterns that are a favorite amongst collectors.



One of its patterns however called Bristol wasn’t designed by Rhead instead a Romantic Transferware pattern called Asiatic Pheasant is said to be the basis of Crown Ducal’s Bristol pattern. It was a very popular in the early 19th century. There was a conjecture that Crown Ducal purchased the rights to Asiatic Pheasant and produced it as Bristol.



The first piece under the name Bristol appeared in the 1920s. Bristol can be found in five different colours pink, blue (a bright cobalt blue), grey-blue, greenish teal and purple. The grey-blue colour is the least popular among collectors and is relatively cheaper. The greenish teal colour is rare and would cost more. The Bristol pattern is prone to staining and this often affects the total value of the piece especially in common pieces.


Multiple sizes and shapes of coffeepots and tea pots are available in a variety of colours in this pattern alongside side several serving pieces adding to the pattern’s huge following. However collectors are finding it hard to find coffeepots and teapots in pristine condition. It appears that a large number of tea-related pieces have been marketed largely in Europe making them somewhat hard to find elsewhere.


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