Basye’s Purple Rose

July 18, 2014

‘Basye’s Purple’ rose has reddish brown bark, blue-green foliage, and beautiful single velvety maroon-purple flowers graced by purple stamens that are bright yellow at the tips. It is truly a royal rose. It was bred and introduced by Dr. Robert Basye in 1968 and is a cross between R. rugosa and R. foliolosa. It has wonderful bright green feathery foliage that is very much like its parent, Rosa foliolosa, and showing little of the rugosa characteristics.



It will become a fairly large shrub of about 7 or 8 feet tall and at least as wide, with a very nice compact, arching habit. Like most Rugosas, this one repeats it’s bloom all through the season, although the individual blooms last only a day or two.



It has a fruity fragrance, has an average diameter of 2.5″ medium, single bloom form about 4 to 8 petals and it blooms in flushes throughout the season. It is very hardy, vigorous and heat tolerant and does not set many hips.



Content Source: Antique Rose Emporium, Old Garden Roses and Beyond, Hartwood Roses, Help Me Find and Rogue Valley Roses


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