Graham Thomas Rose

July 3, 2014

Graham Thomas rose was bred by David Austin in the United Kingdom in 1983. It is named after Graham Stuart Thomas, a British Old Rose expert. This is a bright yellow rose with the old rose shape. The cup shaped flowers are of medium size with fat buds and a radiant golden yellow.  There is a medium-strong, fresh tea rose fragrance and a hint of spice, with a cool violet character typical of its color group. It has attractive smooth green foliage and repeats flowering from early summer onwards.



This is one of the most widely sought-after of the English Roses. Although classified as a shrub rose, it tends to grow more vigorously and can be used as a sprawling climber in warm climates. Like other English roses, it offers the old-fashioned form and fragrance of old roses and the repeat-bloom characteristic of modern roses.



This variety was voted The World’s Favorite Rose by members of the 41 National Rose Societies worldwide. It also won the James Mason Award from the RNRS in 2000.



More info can be found here: Antique Rose Emporium, David Austin Roses, Royal Horticultural Society and Help Me Find.


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