Liberty Blue China

July 1, 2014

Liberty Blue China were designed and made by Enoch Wedgwood in the Staffordshire District of England. The dinnerware tableware patterns were a 1976 promotional item to commemorate the 1776-1976 bicentennial celebration of America’s Declaration of Independence.


This blue and white Staffordshire china features several historical scenes namely: Washington crossing the Delaware, the Boston Tea Party, Ben Franklin, Mt. Vernon (home of George Washington), Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson), Betsy Ross, Lafayette landing at West Point, Independence Hall and Washington leaving Christ Church.

Another source also stated that the Staffordshire Liberty Blue China was requested by the Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan. The institution established its first office in Portland Oregon in 1925 and to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 1975. The Board of Directors commissioned Enoch Wedgwood Company to develop a unique pattern of ironstone dinnerware, something special to offer to their account holders.



The Liberty Blue dinnerware has a border of mix wild flowers, the historic scene is at the centre and most pieces have a unique back stamp of an eagle holding a flag shield. The words Liberty Blue are placed above the eagle and directly below the shield are the words Made in England and down at the bottom is the name of the scene.

It took two years for the Liberty Blue dinnerware to be completed, it was made available 1976. The Benjamin Franklin S & L’s newsletter in October 1976 announced that the promotion would end on December 31st. A little after 1976, the Liberty Blue dinnerware was sold in national grocery stores where customers who meet a certain amount of purchase could buy a piece. A new item would be released each week enticing customers to shop some more if they plan on collecting the different pieces.



Today, Liberty Blue China has become quite a popular collector’s item with rapidly rising values and are available for sale at various auction sites and stores online.


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