Cadenza Rose

June 27, 2014

Cadenza was first bred by David L. Armstrong in 1967 in the United States. It was introduced in the US by Armstrong Roses as “Cadenza”. Cadenza is an excellent candidate for cutting and drying, as it tends to maintain its red coloration and doesn’t blacken with age. Clusters of ruffled red petals which fade slightly to burgundy are supported on strong stems. The bush is upright and angular with large glossy leaves and gives no indication of insect or disease problems.



Cadenza is dark red with mild fragrance and has an average diameter of 3″, it has medium to large double cupped bloom form with 17-25 petals. Cadenza is an occasional repeat bloom in the season and can be used for cut flower or pillar or shrub.



Cadenza is heat tolerant and very disease resistant. To encourage re-bloom…  remove spent blooms, remove old canes and dead or diseased wood. It can be grown as a climber in mild climates and can be pruned to maintain a shorter habit.



More info can be found here: Antique Rose Emporium and Help Me Find.


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