April Moon Rose

May 22, 2014



April Moon Rose is a rose of great delicate beauty. It is an ever blooming rose that offers clusters of long-lasting, sweetly fragrant 4 to 5″ double flowers that bloom from June until frost. The lemon yellow edged red buds unfurl to display double blooms of lemon yellow that are born in clusters on a continual blooming bush.



When the weather is cool, the lemon yellow petals will develop red highlights giving the petals red edging. The foliage starts out with coppery tints and matures to be rich dark green and leathery on this rounded yet spreading shrub.

This large shrub exhibits compact growth and offers strong lemon yellow flowers with are good for cut flowers. It is best used as a specimen plant or at the back of the border or even as a foundation planting in front of your house or fence.



This cultivar is hybridized by Dr. Griffith Buck and introduced in 1984; it is cold hardy to zone 4 and winter hardy in Iowa. Fertilize in spring just before new growth begins and keep moist until completely established. Average water is needed during growing season.

More info found at Antique Rose Emporium, Heirloom Roses and Chamblee’s Rose Nursery.


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