The Archduke Charles Rose

March 27, 2014

Archduke Charles Rose – The ‘Duke’, a China, has been around prior to 1837 and blooms profusely with two to four inch blooms, delicately formed, with what has been described as a subtle ‘banana’ scent.


Known as the ‘chameleon’ rose, the blooms are a rich pink, glowing rose and deep crimson changing with age. The three foot tall, four foot wide plant is compact, vigorous and leafy with good foliage. Known as the ‘San Marcos Rose’ to the Texas Rose Rustlers before it was properly identified, it was found growing all over the Central Texas area around old homesteads and in San Marcos in numerous locations. Extremely shade, alkaline, and drought tolerant, this rose is a very handsome addition to any garden.


Thomas Rivers called this rose “changeable as the chameleon”. The full, very shapely flowers open with crimson outer petals and neat pink centers, then darken to solid crimson. The heat of the sun speeds the process: what appears to be a bi-color hedge in spring and fall will be all red roses in mid-summer. The neat, erect bush and constant bloom help make this one of the most popular large shrub rose varieties.



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