Bluebird China History

March 7, 2014

The Bluebird china pattern was first introduced in the 1800s. It was created by using bluebird designed decals and transferring these decals to white porcelain or semi-porcelain plates. At the height of its popularity there were over 300 potteries in East Liverpool manufacturing the dinnerware.



The specific artists who designed the various blue bird patterns are unknown. The decals were not designed by the manufacturers themselves instead they were purchased from companies such as Meyercord Decal Company located in Chicago. As a result, several manufacturers have the same bluebird design on their plates.

The popularity of the bluebird china rose to its peak during the 1920s when many households in America were serving dishes on bluebird china dinnerware. Today when collectors are asked why they are collecting bluebird china, the response is often that they remember it from a grandparent, a favorite aunt or their mother.

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Three factors are considered to be behind bluebird china’s popularity:

First, the earliest Americans established a spot in the culture associating blue birds with happy events, tranquility and good fortune because Native Americans and early settlers found the appearance and playful personality of bluebirds enchanting.

Second, the optimistic outlook prevailing in America in the 1920s naturally aligned with blue birds as symbols of hope and happiness, and bluebird china rose to prominence alongside the optimism of the people.

Finally, the influence of advertising, along with the introduction of radio and the use of premiums and coupons, brought the popularity of blue bird china to new heights.



Shortly after the Civil War, the country’s large retailers implemented the use of coupons as a marketing tool. Companies like The Grand Union Tea Company, and The Larkin Soap Company were among the first to introduce the use of premiums. These premiums started out as free items available with the purchase of products. Later on, a small cash out alongside a required number of coupons were implemented to redeem the items. The bluebird china dinnerware started out as premiums making them available to every American.

What started out as premium items are now coveted collector’s item with prices ranging from affordable to quite expensive depending on the design and condition of the piece.

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