Josephs Coat Roses

February 11, 2014

Joseph’s Coat is a perennial rose which grows best over several years. Joseph’s Coat is known for its climbing habit and growing to a height of approximately 9 feet (2.8 meters). This variety tends to bloom in mid spring.

United States is believed to be where Joseph’s Coat originates from.

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Joseph’s Coat Rose needs a moderate amount of maintenance, so some level of previous experience comes in handy when growing this plant. Ensure that you are aware of the soil, sun, ph and water requirements for this plant and keep an eye out for pests.This plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener’s wiki. 

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How to grow Rose ‘Joseph’s Coat’

This flower needs Partial Sun and is moderately difficult to grow.

Can be used for cut flower, garden or pillar. Vigorous. a good subject for pegging. Disease susceptibility: susceptible to blackspot , susceptible to Mildew, susceptible to rust . 1

Plant in a location that enjoys partial sun and remember to water moderately. Keep in mind when planting that Joseph’s Coat is thought of as very hardy, so this plant will tend to survive through freezing conditions. Use USDA Hardiness Zone 4 – 10 as your guideline for the appropriate climate for this plant. Ensure your soil is loamy and has a ph of between 4.5and 8.0 as Rose is a moderately acidic soil to weakly alkaline soil loving plant.

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